November 3-d, 2014
SALE. Free Zone – public intervention for Night of Arts events in Moscow

Project SALE was presented during Night of Arts events in Moscow on 3-d of November. This time it’s called SALE. Free Zone, because apart from video screening there was open online chat with artists. The installation with a computer and a screen inside was set up in a shopping mall (ATRIUM) in the center of Moscow supported by Moscow Cultural Department and Shopping mall ATRIUM. Spectators could choose a video piece and watch it on 8 big screens in open space of the shopping mall, which usually display advertisement. Screens were visible from all 3 floors of the building. I suppose near 10 000 people saw the project and more than 100 personally participate in it.

1. Letícia Bertagna, Angélica Freitas, Janaína Kremer / Brazil
2. Elida Brenna Linge / Norway
3. Margarita Vazquez Ponte / Scotland, Spain
4. Elya Veremjanina / Russia
5. Courtney Grant / Great Britain
6. Chiman Dangi / India, Brydee Rood / New Zealand
7. Maria Kapajeva / Estonia, Great Britain
8. Ekaterina Craftsova / Russia
9. Markus Moestue / Norway
10. Alecia Neo / Singapore
11. Kristin Orav / Estonia
12. Georgina Porteous / Scotland
13. Alexandr Raevski / Moldova
14. Brydee Rood, Orchestra of Spheres / New Zealand
15. Karolina Rychlik / Poland
16. Emilija Skarnulyte / Lithuania
17. Mari Sokol / Russia
18. Tatiana Stadnichenko / Russia, Mark Baugh-Sasaki / USA, Christine Swintak / Canada
19. Bettina Furnee / The Netherlands
20. Pablo Fernandez Zapata / Colombia, Germany
21. Gabriella Hirst / Australia
22. Olga Jurgenson / Russia, Great Britain
23. Elena Gavrish / Germany

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The online conversation visitors could see on the screen (extract from it is posted below).
Only few people asked questions using chat. That’s why artists started their own conversation with sharing links and discussion about their practice.
Obviously, art community is far from public.
Although maybe just public in Russia is very shy?

  • Зритель Проекта
    03.11.2014 18:11

    Зритель Проекта

    Hey! Im volounteering with Katya at this event. Havent seen all movies yet, but i like such art. Ill tell you later which is my favorite;) Здравствуйте,Татьяна!Меня интересует вопрос!Какая философия картины 20,а точнее глубокая Философия,спасибо?

    Tatiana Stadnichenko
  • Группа художников находилась на юге Франции, жила в замке и должна была делать современное искусство, но без бюджета на материалы. В течение 2 недель художники собирали пластиковые бутылки и строили лодку из мусора в одном из богатейших районов Франции, Лазурный берег, 7км от Канн. Одной из главных составляющих была работа в команде, исследование ментальных границ между разными странами и изучение локального контекста
    на контрасте местного ландшафта и дорогих яхты мы построили свою собственную и заплывали на ней в течение недели

  • Зритель Проекта
    03.11.2014 19:48

    Зритель Проекта
    Hi,Marcus! Why did you use the dinosaur in your video?
    What does it mean?
  • Markus Moestue
    Markus Moestue
    Hi. The dinosaur was inspired by amusementspark where you can see dinosaurs and humans living together, built by creationists. I rode the dino across the bible belt of Norway to protest such dogmatic education of children.

  • Зритель Проекта
    03.11.2014 20:12

    Зритель Проекта
    Александр, скажите пожалуйста, какой город изображен в видео Публичный Индивидуализм?
  • Александр Раевский
    03.11.2014 20:13

    Александр Раевский
    Добрый вечер
    это улица в старом Таллине
    если Вы были там думаю её легко узнать
  • она является своего рода соединительной между двумя частями этой части города
    guys sorry I missed the moment when you demonstrated your videos
  • Зритель Проекта
    03.11.2014 20:30

    Зритель Проекта
    Hello How are your It is very beautiful video ‘
  • Александр Раевский
    Александр Раевский
    thank you!!!
    I apologize for my internet connection…
    now I living in deep hole without normal internet ((
    due to this I can read your messages a little bit later
    August 2014

We are happy to get a Parallel events Manifesta 10 catalog with 2 spreads for SALE project!

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June 2014

Project SALE was presented in parallel program of Manifesta 10 in Saint Petersburg, Russia
This time SALE was supported by the third curator Alya Hestanti and Alexandr Somov.

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Letícia Bertagna / Brazil, Elida Brenna Linge / Norway, Rehema Chachage / Tanzania, Emily C-D / USA / Меxico, Ekaterina Craftsova / Russia, Dasha Gusakova / Russia, Chiman Dangi / India, Pablo Fernandez Zapata / Colombia, Germany, Angélica Freitas / Brazil, Gabriella Hirst / Australia, Olga Jurgenson / Russia, Great Britain, Olga Karyakina / Russia, Petr Kiryusha / Russia, Pavel Kiselev / Russian, Janaína Kremer / Brazil, Anna Maysyuk / Germany, Russia, Alecia Neo / Singapore, Kristin Orav / Estonia, Orchestra of Spheres / New Zealand, Giorgina Porteous / Scotland, Diego Del Pozo Barriuso / Spain, Laura Ramirez / Colombia, Camila Rhodi / Brazil, Brydee Rood / New Zealand, Karolina Rychlik / poland, Emilija Skarnulyte / Lithuania, Protey Temen / Russia, Margarita Vasquez Ponte / Scotland, Spain, Marina Velez Vago/ Great Britain



October 2013
Project SALE was presented in Local Market in Cambridge, UK with support by curator Marina Velez Vago

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August 2013
Interactive video art project SALE was presented first time in Moscow during Public Art Festival ART MOMENT

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